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Wakelyn's bake, cook and create at their bakery at Wakelyns Organic Agroforestry farm. They are inspired by the diverse and abundant food grown around them in this crop and tree alley farming system, such as the YQ population wheat within this wonderful seeded loaf. All their other ingredients are directly sourced from farms who also care about Earth health.


Through cooking with what is around, they want to tell the story of the land and those who work it; and raise awareness about agroecological, real food and farming methods and the importance of local food communities in the face of our current climate, economic and social crises.



100% Wholemeal WAKELYN'S Seeded Loaf 900g

  • YQ Population WHEAT (Turners Lincs) 100% organic stoneground wholemeal. Wakelyn's sprouted coral lentils & purple WHEAT (organic) Turne's naked oats (organic) Hodmedod's British linseed, coriander, chia and camelina seeds, sea salt. ALLEGENS IN CAPS including GLUTEN. Organic rapeseed oil is used to line baking tins. Other allergens including MUSTARD, NUTS, EGGS & DAIRY are used in the bakery.

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